Imagined by you
World-class bespoke rooflights
Built just the way you want them. Crisp, custom-made designs that bring endless daylight and welcome nature indoors.
Backed with 75 years of expert craftsmanship, innovation and elegant Scandinavian design.
Get your own
bespoke rooflight
Call us +44 (0) 1592 778 246 or email us
We're here to support you with your rooflight design and purchase in any way we can. All you have to do is ask our daylight experts!
We can help you design your dream home, using natural light from bespoke rooflights.
Daylight Design
Share your ideas and get help from someone who shares your passion for beautiful design.
Inspiration insights
Ask us about inspirational notes and insights that will serve as a stimulus to create your perfect daylight oasis.
Product Counselling
If you're not sure which Vario by VELUX rooflight you need, we can guide you to your perfect match.
Installation Guidance
Get support and guidance to help your rooflight installation be smooth and stress free.
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Discover endless possibilities of light
Learn about all the different ways that you can design with daylight using Vario by VELUX rooflights. Explore how you can bring your daylight dreams to life with a huge variety of shapes, finishes, colours and features to create the ultimate blend of natural light for your home.
Customisation matters
You want your house to reflect your tastes, to incorporate a truly personal touch.
So do we.
Scandinavian design
Enjoy the sleek and simple touch of Scandinavian design that will give your house an effortlessly sophisticated vibe.
Lifelong assistance
We're proud of our heritage.
We're here to stay and more importantly, we're here for you.
True craftsmanship
75 years mastering and perfecting our art, finessing the science behind our rooflights and reach highest standards of quality.
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We never promise more than we can deliver but we think it's always ok to deliver more than we promise.


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Build your own
Imagined by you. Built with Vario by velux
Our Heritage
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